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Tim O'Brien
Letterpress Printmaker

Tim O’Brien loves to teach Letterpress Printing. He also moves sheep and chickens around on the beautiful grass of Kansas, tends many kinds of yummy plants, and makes things large and small out of the beautiful trees of Kansas. Almost any printing he has the privilege of doing concerns itself with these parts of our world.

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Adults / 14 and Up

If you like the written word and making images, this class gives you a chance to combine the two. Tim O'Brien will teach how to design, set and print type to create stationery, business cards and broadsheets, or the student's own project.

Class Code Dates Days Time Instructor Price (Member)
SP-AAT024 03/29 - 05/17 TH 7:30PM - 9:30PM O'Brien, Tim $175.00 ($157.50) Enroll Now!
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Letterpress & Relief Printing

Adults / 14+

Explore our studios treasure-trove of type and learn how to set type by hand. This class will also cover how to do pressure and linoleum relief prints on our Vandercook.

Class Code Dates Days Time Instructor Price (Member)
SU-AAT024 06/07 - 08/23 TH 7:00PM - 9:00PM O'Brien, Tim $245.00 ($220.50) Members Only